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About Me

Born beneath the Floridian sun in Tampa, my journey into the realm of woodworking was an unexpected and yet enchanting discovery. It was at the tender age of 20 when I stumbled upon the transformative artistry of shaping wood into stories and dreams.

Immersed in the vibrant landscapes and coastal allure of Florida, I found my true calling. The exotic and rare woods that adorned this tropical paradise became my canvas, and epoxy resin, my trusted ally, bridging the gaps and breathing life into the crevices and cracks of these natural wonders.

Key West, with its magnetic pull and artistic resonance, became my sanctuary and playground. Nestled amid the whispers of sea breezes and echoing tales of the ocean, I honed my craft. The swirling, vibrant hues of coastal and tropical colors began to flow seamlessly into my creations, each table and wall art piece becoming a living tribute to the mesmerizing waterways that cradle the Sunshine State.

My art is a dance between the raw and refined—a synergy of natural beauty and human intervention. The wood I coax to life carries within it the essence of Florida, its spirit etched in the grains and patterns that I carefully enhance and preserve. With each stroke of resin, I emulate the ebb and flow of the ocean, capturing its fluidity, grace, and untamed energy.

At 25 years young, I find myself endlessly enchanted by the possibilities that wood and resin unveil. Each creation is a testament to my reverence for nature's gifts and a celebration of the boundless inspirations that thrive in Florida's coastal vistas.

As I navigate this artistic odyssey, my heart remains tethered to the kaleidoscope of colors that adorn Florida's waterways, a palette that infuses vitality into my work and guides my artistic vision.

In every piece I craft, I strive to evoke the serenity of sun-kissed shores, the allure of hidden coves, and the untamed beauty of the ocean—a homage to the enchanting essence of Florida that forever courses through my veins.

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